Evil Tiki Babes: Episode 3 - 4k

30.03.2020 159

Evil Tiki Babes: Episode 3 - 4k

Starring: Emma Hix
Genre: 4k, 2160, 2160p, UHD, Ultra HD, Girl/Boy, Skirt, Pin Up, Blonde, Deep Throat, Blowjob

Evil Tiki Babes: Episode 3 - 4k

Evil tiki babe Joanna Angel is having her way with Aaron (Small Hands) when Emma Hix busts in, revealing that she's actually an undercover agent there to take Joanna down. Joanna thought she had dealt with Emma...PERMANENTLY, so this is definitely a nasty surprise.

As the ladies stare each other down in a tense standoff, Joanna calls for one of her minions to help her. But Emma announces with a smile that she's convinced this particular minion that SHE'S his new master. Joanna is livid, but she doesn't have a chance to act on her anger because the minion bonks her on the head, knocking her out.

Aaron is reeling from the revelation of Emma's identity. Did she ever really like him? Emma explains that it wasn't a matter of liking him...she needed him since he was the perfect cover for her to get access to a secret tiki bar. Aaron is furious. Why shouldn't he just write an angry blog about her? Emma has the perfect idea to calm Aaron down: he can bend her over the bar and fuck her.

Just another day at the Cannibal Cult Tiki Bar!!

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